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February 22, 2018

Practical insights – Focus on exchanging knowledge and interactive formats at Stage|Set|Scenery 2019

• Over 60 per cent of the display area is already booked

• Advisory committee will provide programme input

• LightLab, SoundLab and Safety in Action Stage to take place again

What are the latest stage equipment and stage technology trends? What sound system and lighting innovations are there? What precautions need to be taken when working under suspended loads? Once again, the focus at Stage|Set|Scenery, which will be taking place for the third time, is on discussing industry topics. From 18 to 20 June 2019 the international trade show and conference for theatre, film and event technology will be taking place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. The event is co-organised by Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) and Messe Berlin. “We are coordinating closely with industry experts from the various sectors in order to stay abreast of the latest topics and provide genuine added value for trade visitors and exhibitors alike“, says Hubert Eckart, managing director of Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG).

Advisory committee of industry experts will provide programme input

The Stage|Set|Scenery team is assisted by an advisory committee which includes leading experts on lighting and stage technology, architecture and planning. “The advisory committee of Stage|Set|Scenery will provide input on the subject matter of the show, actively contribute towards shaping the event, represent the interests of exhibitors and visitors, and support us in our communications with the industry.“ says Juliane Trempler, the project manager of Stage|Set|Scenery. The members of the advisory committee are Hubert Eckart, Olaf Grambow and Arved Hammerstädt, who represent DTHG, as well as Reinhold Daberto, managing director of theater projekte daberto + kollegen planungsgesellschaft mbh, Stephan Hückinghaus, managing director of Fülling + Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, and Roland Krüger, managing director of 1st Selection GmbH. The chair and deputy chair will be elected at the advisory committee’s constituent meeting on 3 May 2018 in Berlin.

Focus on practical aspects

Stage|Set|Scenery will feature a wide-ranging programme of conference events and numerous interactive formats again, including round tables, workshops and panel discussions. This is the result of visitor feedback. According to a visitor poll, last year 41 per cent of trade visitors said that as well as finding out more about product innovations (57 per cent), being able to exchange views with industry experts was one of the main reasons for attending the show. That is why next year Stage|Set|Scenery will focus on a wide range of formats again that will facilitate an exchange of views among practitioners.

LightLab features creative lighting technology

As in 2017, the LightLab will be devoting itself to topics concerning lighting, projection and networks. Once again, it will be curated by Manfred “Ollie“ Olma of mo2 design, an internationally renowned lighting designer. In addition to a dialogue with manufacturers and demonstrations of spotlights in action the programme will also feature innovative formats such as ’The Lighting Check’ – an improvised theatre performance with a creative take on practical lighting and lighting technology issues.

SoundLab: “Close your eyes and simply listen“

Last year, the SoundLab was also very busy on all days of the event. Away from the bustle of the show trade visitors were able to experience the sound of state-of-the-art audio systems. In 2019, the SoundLab will be dealing with practical issues on the subject of audio, acoustics and sound systems again. Numerous manufacturers will also be able to present their innovations there.

Safety in Action Stage – “Up in the Air”

Working under suspended loads, stage rigging equipment and airborne camera systems – next year the slogan of the Safety in Action Stage will be ’Up in the Air’. Drones are playing an increasingly important role, and not only in film production. In 2019, the Fire Prevention Dialogue and SIL 3 Dialogue will also be taking place again.

Over 60 per cent of the display area is already booked

In addition to a wide-ranging programme of conference events trade visitors at the show can find out about numerous new products, including stage equipment, drive and control systems, architecture and planning, lighting, acoustics, sound, video and media technology as well as studio technology. Companies representing event services, safety systems, decoration and furnishings, make-up and costumes as well as museum and event technology will also be displaying their products and services. “Even though Stage|Set|Scenery will not be taking place until June 2019 over 60 of the display area has already been rented out“, says Juliane Trempler of Messe Berlin. Companies wishing to take part in 2019 can register here, and by doing so no later than 30 June 2018 can also take advantage of special rates.

Exhibitors can find stand registration forms at:

More Information on Stage|Set|Scenery 2017 and 2019 can be found at

Print-quality photos and videos of Stage|Set|Scenery 2017 can be downloaded from the website under ’Press’.

Stage|Set|Scenery in brief:

Stage|Set|Scenery is the leading international trade show and conference for theatre, film and event technology, with a focus on stage equipment and control systems, architecture and planning, lighting, acoustics, sound, video and media technology, studio technology, events, museum and event technology, furnishing and stage scenery, make-up, costumes and safety systems. The show is held in collaboration with Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG), which also organises the International Stage Technology Conference, an integral part of the show. Stage|Set|Scenery takes place bi-annually in June on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.