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June 20, 2019

Practical dialogue on the theatre, film and event technology – Successful conclusion to Stage|Set|Scenery

6,000 international trade visitors – over 300 exhibitors

At Stage|Set|Scenery, 6,000 international trade visitors gathered for an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge on practical topics ranging from lighting and audio technology, furnishings, costume-making, make-up, stage equipment to event services. The trade show for theatre, film and event technology took place from 18 to 20 June in Berlin and was co-organised by Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) and Messe Berlin.


311 exhibitors presented their innovations, which were met with keen interest by visitors to the show: stage and event technology, lighting technology and illumination design, architecture and event planning in particular were topics that attracted a lot of attention. A comprehensive programme of conference events on six stages accompanied the show. The Immersive Showroom was a new feature at the event where the focus was on Experience Technologies, including 3D printing for costumes, AR and VR in the classical theatre and the use of digital technologies in museums.


The main motivation for trade visitors was to obtain information and hold meetings on specialist subjects. Around 50 per cent were visiting for the first time. Nine out of ten had a positive impression of the products and services and said they would be back for the next event. Exhibiting companies were also satisfied with the show. Approximately 4 out of 5 of exhibitors polled were very satisfied with the quality of visitors on their stand – they were particularly interested in the visitor categories ‘technical staff at event venues’, ‘event venue management’ and ‘architects/building planners’.



Comments on Stage|Set|Scenery:

Herbert Fritsch, actor and director, Weltenbauer Award winner

Stage|Set|Scenery is an extremely important event for our industry. It brings us into contact with innovations and new possibilities. Without change and progress one cannot develop new ideas. A lot of innovation has taken place, particularly in machinery. These technologies change the way the theatre is experienced.”


Manfred “Ollie” Olma, managing director of mo2design and curator of the LightLab

”We have evolved, and so have our audiences. The meetings we held were even more interesting this time. New ideas and new suggestions, as regards our sponsors too. I am already looking forward to the next Stage|Set|Scenery in two years time.“


Andreas Gause, head of Marketing and Key Account Management, Gerriets GmbH

”For us as an exhibitor Stage|Set|Scenery is one of the most important trade fairs, with its focus on the theatre and events and advanced training programme. To that can be added the whole range of immersive technology on which there was a special emphasis. An extremely fascinating market, which we cater for with our Hologauze products.“


Volker Kirsch, head of Sales, Bühnentechnik, Bosch Rexroth AG

Stage|Set|Scenerywas like a family reunion – everyone who matters in the industry was here, whether competitors, suppliers, planners or customers. The dialogue took place in a concentrated format, with the show occupying a central role. The latest developments are clearly going in the direction of digitalisation: IoT topics are becoming more and more talked about, including in theatre applications. An increasing number of trade visitors are attending the show.”


Alexander Kissler, product manager, SALZBRENNER media Gmbh

Stage|Set|Scenery is attractive for us because the audio, video and media technology industry is strongly represented here. We can demonstrate new technology and products live, meet existing and prospective customers face-to-face and talk about their concerns. At the stage managers’ breakfast our attention was drawn to the problems and needs of our stage managers. That will enable us to tailor our products better to their requirements.“


Sabine Siller, head of Marketing, cast C. Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH

”Berlin is an important communication hub for us. Stage|Set|Scenery is a high-quality show as regards both exhibitors and visitors. We were able to make direct contact with customers from the theatre and cultivate customer relations. We liked the wide-ranging programme of conference events, in particular the RoundTables and LightLab. For us as a company from the lighting and stage technology sector there were many events on the topic of AR and VR in the theatre as well as stage set construction and dismantling which invited discussion.”

Jens Langner, Business Development manager, Robe Deutschland GmbH

”LED technology is the latest big thing in spotlights. There is currently a transition taking place from incandescent lighting to LEDs. As spotlight manufacturers we are naturally taking an interest in developments here. This event allowed us to exchange views with other representatives of this sector and present our products. We were also able to meet lots of customers from the theatre industry.”


Per Witte, Key Account manager, Pro Audio Solutions, Sennheiser

”We were pleased to see so many people in such a good mood at Stage|Set|Scenery. There was keen interest from abroad and we were able to welcome visitors, including from Iceland, Russia and the United States. It is important for us to cultivate relations at the show, have meetings with our customers and present our products. One topic in our segment was that our devices are now equipped with DANTE, a state-of-the art network component.“


Stefan Zeiger, product manager, Commercial Audio, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (YME)

”The industry has changed. A lot of information goes over the internet, however a trade show is important for holding project meetings in order to talk about future installations with planners, installation engineers and prospective customers. There is no other way of communicating this information. We are delighted that the Audio segment at Stage|Set|Scenery was well-attended again. That was a very positive development for us.


Stephan Hückinghaus, managing director, Fülling & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

”We have been represented at trade fairs in Berlin for 20 years and are very satisfied exhibitors. One of this year’s forward-looking segments was AR, which visualises technology using new methods. Another up-to-the-minute topic was energy management and efficiency, where localised deployment of systems plays an important role.“


Tabea Aulich, managing director, SERVAMUS GmbH

”This was our first time as an exhibitor at Stage|Set|Scenery, where we aimed to make contact with new partners, suppliers and employees. It is a fascinating trade show with a wide range of visitors. We met students, suppliers and architects on our stand. For us the purpose of the show was networking. Sustainability was a key topic that was the focus of many events. As a trade fair construction company that is also something we are confronted with.“


Georg Winkel, chief executive officer, SWOOFLE Manufaktur

”The show gave us an opportunity to meet our customers and hold quality talks. The Event Manufactory, a new concept by Stage|Set|Scenery, was a big success for us and we received excellent feedback. The fair has extended its range, from a previous focus on the theatre to the production of an event. That brings the market for the theatre and events together, so that Stage|Set|Scenery has become a driving force for this sector. We are looking forward to coming back in 2021.“


Guido Konrad, authorised signatory, A.Haussmann GmbH

”Instead of having to travel long distances we were able to hold in-depth talks with several customers in a very short period of time and advise on the choice of our product. Safety in general and fire safety were important topics for us on which there was also a frequent focus at the show. We were able to benefit from this exchange and are now looking in a new direction.“


Ralf Matthias Gornetzki, management reprsentative, Cast4Art

”We were able to meet trade visitors in a pleasant atmosphere at the show. We established new contacts in the theatre industry, ranging from material suppliers to the theatre to costume-makers. In our experience plays are becoming more modern, digitalisation is playing an increasing role, and video games are becoming an integral part of the theatre.“


Wan-Jung Wei, HQ manager, OISTAT – International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (Taiwan)

“Every two years I look forward to Stage|Set|Scenery. We get the opportunity to talk about future projects and possibilities in collaboration with others. On this occasion we got together and talked about ideas and shared innovations.”


More Information on Stage|Set|Scenery 2019 can be found


Photosand videosof Stage|Set|Scenery can also be found on the website under ’Press’. 

Stage|Set|Scenery in brief:

Stage|Set|Scenery is the leading international trade show and conference for theatre, film and event technology, with a focus on stage equipment and control systems, architecture and planning, lighting, acoustics, sound, video and media technology, studio technology, events, museum and event technology, furnishing and stage scenery, make-up, costumes and safety systems. The show is held in collaboration with Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft DTHG) which also organises the International Stage Technology Conference, an integral part of the show. 

Stage|Set|Scenery takes place every two years on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.