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July 11, 2019

Successful debut for the Immersive Showroom at Stage|Set|Scenery

Experience technology for theatres, museums and other cultural venues – From VR to digital curation tools

Whether the topic was costume-making using 3D printing, VR and AR applications in museums and exhibitions, holograms and 3D projections in the theatre and at events, or the use of AI in museums – over the course of three days the Immersive Showroom devoted itself to every topic involving digitalisation in the cultural sphere. ”The digital age opens up completely new possibilities for theatres, museums and events to convey their traditional content and message regardless of time and space“, said Patricia Pohle, the project manager of Stage|Set|Scenery. ”We are delighted that our events were so well received by the expert audiences. It has given our idea of holding the Immersive Showroom separate from Stage|Set|Scenery a significant boost.“

With the Immersive Showroom, this year’s Stage|Set|Scenery for the first time featured a dedicated exhibition and display area which as part of a three-day interdisciplinary dialogue provided a comprehensive overview of the latest experience technologies.

On days one and two of the show the focus of the programme of papers was on the use of new technologies in the theatre. Examples were given of virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications at the Große Schauspielhaus and Komische Oper. Support was provided by Technische Universität Berlin, the Fraunhofer Institute and Cyberräuber, among others.

On day three of the show the focus was on the possibilities and challenges of innovative experience technologies in museums and exhibitions. International experts representing leading agencies and museums offered an insight into a wide range of innovative technologies and their applications. Over the course of 14 lectures they examined, among other topics, how VR and AR can successfully deliver content, what new technologies and formats museums can employ in order to make content and exhibits more accessible to visitors, including the disabled, and how AI can help museums target audiences even better with their presentations.


Views on the Immersive Showroom


Robert Eysoldt, strategy consultant & creative director, ZEROOVERHEAD CONSULTING (commissioned by Messe Berlin to develop the Immersive Showroom, also curated the programme of events on day three of the show): 

“The Immersive Showroom does not see itself as a technology exhibition, but as an interdisciplinary platform for agencies, productions and players representing the theatre, museums and events who are constantly faced with the creative challenge of producing an outstanding experience.“


Björn Lengers of the artists’ collective CyberRäuber - Theater of Virtual Reality

“The Immersive Showroom had the right combination of lectures and hands-on projects.“


Dr. Jens Beutmann, head of Exhibitions, Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz

“For us the Immersive Showroom was a good opportunity to meet companies and those involved in VR/AR applications for museums, to draw comparisons and get an impression of state-of-the-art developments. We not only saw what was possible but also how it can be achieved.”


Dr. Christof Börner, Exhibitions and Programmes, phaeno gGmbH

“The Immersive Showroom was an outstanding event. It is rare to be able to get an overview of modern digital applications for exhibitions as well as the latest projects in such a short space of time. I will be making use of some of the ideas in the lectures for new projects and exhibition concepts. I also enjoyed listening to alternating views from developers (i.e. companies) and curators (i.e. users).“

Raphaël de Courville, co-founder, NEUUU

“As a creative technology professional I was impressed that the Immersive Showroom was able to attract such a wide range of experts.“


Hannes Gerriets, managing director, Gerriets

“The Immersive Showroom was exactly the right setting for presenting our special Holo-Gauze© product, uses for which include theatre productions, indoor and outdoor festivals, museum and event installations, creating virtual 3D worlds as well as real time film and television effects.“

Views on the topics presented at the Immersive Showroom


Prof. Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, global manager and coordinator, museum4punkt0 - Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz

“Museums nowadays are digital in many different ways: work processes can be speeded up and become more efficient, collections no longer need to be displayed in a fixed location, and digital technologies and applications can communicate experiences in a host of different new ways, including with other institutions.“


Alexandra Verdeil, Tactile Studio

“The notion of an ‘improved experience’ lies at the heart of the design for all. This approach aims to address everyone's needs and (dis)abilities. New technologies are powerful leverage tools. They increase the ability to access information, share and enjoy museums.“

Raphaël de Courville, Co-founder, NEUUU

"Cultural institutions are under a lot of pressure to go digital. NEEEU works closely with visitors and museum professionals to find solutions that engage audiences while respecting the museum's traditions. This human-centred approach to digitalisation can greatly benefit all organisations.”


More Information on Stage|Set|Scenery 2019 can be found


Photosand videosof Stage|Set|Scenery can also be found on the website under ’Press’. 

Stage|Set|Scenery in brief:

Stage|Set|Scenery is the leading international trade show and conference for theatre, film and event technology, with a focus on stage equipment and control systems, architecture and planning, lighting, acoustics, sound, video and media technology, studio technology, events, museum and event technology, furnishing and stage scenery, make-up, costumes and safety systems. The show is held in collaboration with Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft DTHG) which also organises the International Stage Technology Conference, an integral part of the show. 

Stage|Set|Scenery takes place every two years on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.